Alternative Medicines For Lung Cancer Treatment


Alternative Medicines For Lung Cancer

Alternative medicine is used instead of standard treatments. Meditation, yoga, and supplements like vitamins and herbs are some examples. There are some herbal medicines can help to treat the lung cancer but first, talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits before you start any kind of complementary or alternative medicine.

1. Stop Smoking
The main cause of the cancer that attacks the lungs is cigarettes, cigarette addicts or anyone with lung cancer due to active smoking need to stop this bad habit. There are many harmful contents to our body so it will be more convincing us to stop smoking immediately.

2. Soursop Leaf
Soursop leaf extract is highly recommended because soursop leaf contains Acetogenins compound that is bulatacin, asimisin, and also squamosin. These acetogenins act as anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-fungal in the body. The content in the soursop leaves can be used to remove insects and pests and they will die when eating soursop leaves. Acetogenins compounds will not harm healthy body cells in the body because only cancer cells will be resisted. Having a power 10 thousand times greater than chemotherapy drugs, soursop leaf extract with acetogeninsnya compounds known to kill more than twelve kinds of cancer according to research that has proven it. In addition, the content contained in the soursop leaf is also able as a natural lung cancer drug that can cure cancer more quickly and efficiently. When compared with chemotherapy, soursop leaves will be much safer.

How to make the most effective natural lung cancer drug herb from soursop leaf:

Prepare 10 sheets of soursop leaves, Wash soursop leaves , then boiled soursop leaves using 3 cups water until the remaining only 1 cup. After that filter and chill. When it’s cold, drink this herb regularly every morning.


3. Mangosteen Skin Extract

The benefits of extract from mangosteen skin are well known as superiority for taking care of the body and preventing the body from any dangerous diseases, especially cancer. Mangosteen skin containts Xanthone. Xanthone content extract is really reliable and effective role as antioxidants and also anticancer at the same time. It has been proven in a preclinical research by culturing human breast cancer cells or SKBR3 that xanthones possess great anti proliferation properties where this can be counted to make the growth of cancer cells slower. Drink 2 times a day mangoes skin extract for regular treatment.


4. Blushwood Berry

Blushwood berry is a type of fruits derived from blushwood plants that can fight all types of cancer & tumor be it lung cancer, brain cancer and many cancers. Blushwood plants work in killing cancer takes only a few minutes and cancer can disappear and will not recur from 75% of cases that have been treated, Blushwood plants only grow in northern Australia. This fruit that originated from the plant Blushwood able to kill cancer cells & tumors directly. Blushwood berry fruit is also able to decide the blood supply to cancer cells that experience racket cycle due to food stopped in the form of blood intake containing nutrients.


5. Vitamin D

Vitamin D seems also important and can be used as a natural medicine for lung cancer. To obtain this nutrient, we can look for foods with high vitamin D content (cow’s milk is allowed with a small quantity, but for other dairy products should be avoided). But actually vitamin D can be obtained from the morning sun; so, it’s good every morning take a moment to bask while the morning sun shines. Vitamin D will greatly support the care, recovery and treatment of lung cancer patients naturally.


6. Green Tea

Green tea is a kind of healthy drink that is not only good for treating lung cancer but also a common type of cancer. This is because the role of green tea is also an antioxidant in which lung cancer will be helped in its recovery. But remember, may and is recommended to consume not then then we can consume as much as we want because when excessive also will not be good for the body. Simply consuming 2 cups per day, lung cancer will be better maintained apart from avoiding smoking.


7. Seaweed

Healing lung cancer without medication or medical treatment can actually be done and one of the natural ingredients that will help is seaweed. Seaweed in fact often get into the macrobiotic diet because of its high healing power. It has been proven also that seaweed is very useful in healing various types of cancer, and not least lung cancer.

This type of marine vegetables is very useful because of its great role in detoxifying the human body. Various important minerals are present in the seaweed, so the body is definitely needed. Treatment or treatment using this ingredient may be tried as long as the smoking habit is also discontinued in order to obtain the best results.




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