Caused And Symptoms of Lung Cancer


Caused And Symptoms of Lung Cancer


What is Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is one of the deadly cancers. The development of this disease is faster when compared with other cancers such as colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. This type of cancer attacks the respiratory part of the lungs. Lung cancer occurs in our bodies because it appears that the growth of cancer cells is completely uncontrolled in lung tissue and the origin of this type of cancer is usually from the thin tissue in our lung organ where its form is a layer of cells in the passages.

A smoker and people who often breathe in pollution like workers in the textile industry will be at high risk for getting lung cancer.
Smoking is the main cause of approximately 75 percent of cases of lung cancer in women and 90 percent in men. Lung cancer can be experienced by someone because of the amount of cigarette smoke inhaled.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer:

• Persistent or intense coughing
• Hoarseness of the voice
• Difficult to breathe / shortness of breath
• Pain in the chest shoulder, or back from coughing
• The bone part is painful
• Frequently infected lungs (pneumonia / bronchitis)
• Changes in color of the mucus that is coughed up from the lower airways (sputum)
• Difficulty breathing and swallowing
• Harsh sounds while breathing (stridor)
• No appetite
• Weight loss
• Tired easily.

The cause of Lung Cancer:
• Bad smoking habits.
• Exposed to exposure to chemicals such as coal products, vinyl chloride, gasoline, exhaust fumes, uranium, beryllium and so forth.
• Genetic factors.
• Due to inhaling the contaminated air.
• As a result of radiation therapy, it can occur because of the side effects of cancer treatment / tumor using radiation therapy.



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