Natural Alternative Colon Cancer Treatment


Natural Alternative Colon Cancer Treatment

Many herbs for Natural Alternative Colon Cancer Treatment, But the top treatment and most quickly work is herb Myrmecodia(Sarang Semut Papua) Basically, the working system of Myrmecodia for colon cancer treatment same like as immunotherapy, where your immune system will be stimulated to fight cancer in your body. This is made possible by the high concentration of flavonoid active compounds in the Myrmecodia. Flavonoids have an effective mechanism of action in eliminating cancer cells in the body. Here are some working mechanisms:

1. Inactivation of carcinogens: Disabling the active substances that cause cancer.

2. Anti-proliferation : Inhibits the process of multiplication of abnormal cells in cancer.

3. Cell cycle inhibition: In cancer, there is a control failure in the cell division cycle. Where the cell undergoes rapid and continuous division. Flavonoids work by inhibiting abnormal cell division cycle (cancer).

4. Induction of apoptosis and differentiation: Stimulates the process of suicide cancer cells.

5. Angiogenesis Inhibition : Inhibits the formation of new blood vessels in cancer cells that play a role in providing food / nutrition for the development of cancer cells. If cancer cells do not get enough nutrition, cancer cells will die.

6. Reversal of multi-drug resistance : Flavonoids help the body avoid resistance / resistance to colon cancer drugs are consumed.


Unlike the chemotherapy that makes your healthy cells the deadly poison for cancer cells, Myrmecodia works selectively to eradicate cancer cells, without affecting your normal cells.

In addition to having the working mechanisms of flavonoids, Myrmecodia also contains alpha-tocopherol which serves as an anti-cancer as well as an antidote to cancer-free radical attacks. It is known that the rough extract of Ants Nest contains alpha-tocopherol which can reduce free radical up to almost 100%.

The reason why Myrmecodia can reeducate of colon cancer is because contains an abundance of tocopherol is which makes Sarang Semut has a faster ability than other major cancer drugs. From the experience of its users, they claimed to have felt positive improvement from the first 1-3 months of consumption.

It is clear that the herbs of Myrmecodia is worthy of your consideration as a natural cancerous cure option. Not only because of the cost factor that is more affordable than medical drugs, but also in some cases healing can be obtained without having to go through a painful and painful treatment process, surgery, chemotherapy, and without the need to experience various negative side effects.


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Always consult with your physician or other qualified health care provider before embarking on a new treatment, diet or fitness program.






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